Hi, We’re Collective Cloud

An innovative tech company whose sole purpose is to empower small business with enduring and smart technology products

Built on passion, care and ingenuity. We empower small business to compete in today’s technological world by giving them tools such as e-commerce and booking platforms. Our customers enjoy our quick and personal 24/7 customer service that comes with our services.

What drives us

Whether you’re building a simple website or an e-commerce platform for your business,
Collective Cloud has you covered.


Our customers love the comfort that comes with our support. Our dedicated 24/7 support team makes interacting with us easier than ever!


All of our services are catered to the company’s needs. Even though each project is different and exciting, we bring the same amount of creativeness and care to all our projects.


We provide small businesses with state of the art technology that will help them thrive and bring in new customers