Our Services

We at Collective Cloud, LLC offer a range of services that will improve your business and help your business have a better internet presence. We offer a pro website with features tailored to your business that will give you a competing edge in your industry.

We work with everything from booking platforms to an e-commerce website to sell your services over the world wide web. Our services vary between clients as every business is different, but we keep the same high standards of design and development for all our customers.

The costs of our services vary between projects and business needs, but we can assure you we will meet your budget! We develop and administer your business’ website catered to your needs.  The price is an introductory price which includes the cost of the website plus extra services for the length of a year. After the year,  the customer can decide to continue our services for a determined price or can have us transfer the website to the customer’s private hosting services so that the customer can take control and administer the website by themselves.

Here are some the services that we provide:

Web Hosting Services


Domain Services


iOS Apps & iBooks


Website Development


Website Administration


Free Tech Consultation

E-Commerce Development


24/7 Technical Support


We would also ask you to cover the web security certificate needed in order to secure the connection to your site which is usually around $100 or we can use a free SSL certificate from Zerossl.com if you can’t afford it. Depending on the availability and price of the website domain (ex. yourbusinessname.com), you may be asked to cover the cost of the domain if it is more than $20. This can vary depending on the words that are going to be used on the domain.

Having an iOS mobile app (Android mobile apps coming soon) with our services will allow customers to have quick access to your online content from their iOS device as a native app. By doing this, you can help prevent the customer from going to another businesses’ website by mistake or be taken to other sites due to search results found by the user when looking for the services online. Also, by having an app on the Apple App Store increases the professionalism of your business and adds a revenue avenue that your business had not tapped yet! 

Interested in our services?